This was delicious. My daughter really liked it!! She wants to make sushi again back to Russia. Her favorite was sweet shrimp!
We joined many cooking events, and this is one of the best experiences we had in Japan! You can eat sushi everywhere but have you tried making it? It must be only here that you can master how to make sushi in Namba.
Although the sushi rice was a little bit soggy, it’s still really good to learn how to make sushi and about variety of fish.
There were only us and a staff. It would’ve been more fun if there had been more people. The sushi was good.
It’s much easier to make sushi than I thought! I chose Temari course, but I wanna try Nigiri course next time I come to ZenLabo.
This was our first time to make sushi, but the staffs kindly taught us how to make. We will definitely come again!
The event was a little disorganized but I love the sushi.
We stayed at ZenLabo and happened to see an ad about the sushi event. I want more people to know about it!
Sushi was not necessarily good for me. But this experience is worth doing if you come to Osaka.
Temari sushi was too easy to make. I should’ve chosen Nigiri course. It was super fun though!